Nature’s playground

Los Cabos is nature’s playground for fun and adventure. And, Cabo Del Sol is the ideal home base for an incredible array of activities and experiences on both land and sea you’ll cherish a lifetime.

Get Wet

Perched on the boundary between the spectacular Sea of Cortez and the immense Pacific Ocean, fun on the water is a way of life in Los Cabos. At Cabo Del Sol, you’ll find two miles of pristine coastline with many of the region’s most beautiful swimmable beaches. The coves and reefs are teaming with sea life, giving you exceptional opportunities for snorkeling, diving and paddling. Popular surf breaks are nearby. And, just offshore, humpback whales migrate seasonally, putting on a magnificent show of grace and power. Finally, Cabo Del Sol is minutes from the marina, and trophy fishing in these rich, vibrant waters is truly legendary.

Get Wild

As alluring as the sea, the haunting beauty and immensity of the unspoiled desert mountains offers its own unique opportunities for unbridled adventure. Trails for hiking and biking lead from the heart of Cabo Del Sol deep into the rugged canyons and shaded arroyos where you will discover hidden waterfalls, sweeping vistas and secluded caves. Off-road excursions, equestrian rides and biking tours will take you even farther afield to uncover even more adventure.

Get Local

Cabo Del Sol is in the heart of the Golden Corridor linking San Jose del Cabo with Cabo San Lucas. To the east, in San Jose, you’ll find a beautifully refined village of artists and artisans accented by beautiful colonial architecture, world-class dining, and inviting boutiques and galleries, as well as a rich, authentic culture. Just west of Cabo Del Sol is the energetic and invigorating town of Cabo San Lucas, world-renowned for its nightlife, upscale dining, exceptional shopping and famed marina. Your vantage point at Cabo Del Sol places you at the center of Los Cabos’ intriguing spirit and history. All you have to do is enjoy.